We have spent the past 13 years helping retailers around the world make better decisions through our insights platform and suite of solutions. Wherever you are on your journey and whether you are looking for technology only or a full-service provider - we can help.

Customer segmentation.

Good customer segmentation provides the foundation for effective strategy development and execution by dividing your shoppers into groups with meaningful behavioural similarities.

We follow a ‘you are what you buy’ philosophy, using AI and machine learning to group customers based on actual shopping behaviours, with no preconceived bias – allowing you to discover behaviours that you may not have realised existed.

With us crunching the numbers and you helping with interpretations, we can build a dynamic segmentation in weeks rather than months – so you can start driving results sooner and accelerating your ROI.

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Customer strategy.

An effective customer strategy translates corporate strategy into specific objectives and plans using a common and well-understood customer language – your segmentation.

We take a straightforward, data-driven approach to identifying target segments and assessing their growth potential – helping you set SMART objectives, with a clear plan to achieve them.

Our approach to strategy development makes it easy to execute your plans, track and measure your customer performance and course correct if necessary.

Assortment optimisation.

A deep understanding of the customer lies at the heart of successful assortment optimisation and merchandise planning.

To simplify this process, our analytics suite guides users through an interactive decision-making process to define the optimal assortment mix to drive category growth.

Retailers using this approach have achieved 2 - 4% sales uplift vs. their traditional approaches.

Our assortment solution enhances any supplier collaboration and commercialisation programme.

Price & promotions.

Simplicity is key when it comes to promotion planning and measurement – too many variables and unnecessarily complex approaches can lead to unreliable predictions that are difficult to understand or trust. We combine financial and customer analytics in a simple but powerful way – identifying true sales uplift, pull-forward and cannibalisation – enabling more effective promotional planning and generating better ROI.

Our pricing toolkit has been developed with and for our retail partners over many years to complement their pricing operations – we know what works and how to make it usable. We identify the most important products and levers to influence price perception and our price elasticity modelling predicts the impact of any price changes.

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FMCG & CPG collaboration

A shared view of the customer can help cultivate an ecosystem of collaboration – where insights and cooperation around the customer delivers mutual benefit to you and your suppliers.

We are customer advocates and collaboration experts – and have more than a decade of partnering with leading retailers and their suppliers around the world.

Our solutions enable self-serve analytics supported by training and online support – through to bespoke insight consultancy projects.

Through licensing these valuable customer insights to suppliers, many retailers also offset their investment and generate revenue to fund other initiatives.

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Bespoke analysis

Our team of clever data scientists can deliver any analysis you may need to complement our standard solutions. Whether that be building propensity models or performing regression analysis, we have you covered.

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